Making Money

6998943Making Money
by Terry Pratchett
Ebook, 400 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Maybe the “Occupy Wallstreet” people should have read this before camping out and pooping in the parks 😉

Anyway, a very humorous look at the banking system, Anhk-Morpork style. We get good old Moist Von Lipwig[who I am enjoying immensely] and some more Vetinari stuff. He’s the best kind of tyrant 😀

And I actually found the little annoying dog funny too! Which means Pratchett wrote this well, cause I NEVER find annoying little dogs funny…

2 thoughts on “Making Money

  1. Not my favorite Pratchett read, but it was solid. His books always benefit with a visit from the Patrician.

    Don’t like annoying little dogs? Not even Toto?
    {Yeah, the dog is not my favorite character.}
    { I have 2 small dogs; half Rat Terrier and half Blue Tick Hound. They are hilarious, but they will also chew ass. Nobody comes in my yard. Good doggies!}

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