An Emperor for the Legion

An Emperor for the Legion
Videssos #2
by Harry Turtledove
Ebook, 336 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am now convinced Turtledove is a closet homosexual and afraid to say so.

I mean, two guys with “magic swords” “cross blades” and they are transported to another world? And in this book, they are afraid to “fight near each other” because they don’t know “what might happen if their blades cross again?”. Yeah, you don’t need to be a board certified Psychologist to figure that one out. Harry, just say you want some sweet manlove and be done with it.

Other than that, this series so far has bored me to death. Very little magic, domestic troubles, etc, etc. Why no just read Roman Homemakers Monthly?

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