The Future War

The Future War
Terminator: T2 #3
by S.M. Stirling
DTB, 368 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I thought this was a strong finish to the series. Not so nitty-gritty and one on one battles like the earlier two books [which is what we like, Mano E Terminatoro?], but a really good overall story about John becoming John Connor the great leader.

I personally enjoyed reading about Judgement Day and the immediate events before and after. The end was a bit rushed, with ‘4 Years Later’, ‘7 Years Later’, etc frequently popping up, but Stirling was not trying to encompass the whole war, just the beginning and the end.

What I really liked was the realization that everyone, terminators, Reese and Uncle Bob, all went through the time machine within minutes of each other. It wasn’t a protracted, multiple time event. Time travel happened once, then that was it. Certainly makes it easier to understand the movies, even if it does go against the Comics canoninicalness.[which I don’t think is even a real word.]

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