WWW #2
by Robert J. Sawyer
Ebook, 368 Pages
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


I can deal with an author who believes in Evolution.

[which from a philosophical standpoint doesn’t actually make sense. The language used when talking about evolution is the same type of language used for a deity. That says all I need to know].

However, when someone starts using disparaging/abusive language about those who don’t agree with their viewpoint, then we have an issue.

Go read Darwin’s Black Box for a good look at why “Evolution” isn’t the god some seem to think it is.

Emerging minds. AI, human, animal. Sawyer seems to like the idea of consciousness and what makes it. But he can’t explain it, so he gives us the run around with scientific jargon and expects the reader to be blown away and not question what he extrapolates from fuzzy science.

Plotwise, this book was kind of blase. Webmind goes public, govt’s are fearful and the young female lead keeps on saying how 1984 can’t be. And the author shows a couple of people making good choices and using that to “prove” that humanity can bootstrap itself to a better “all togetherness”.

Won’t be reading the final book.

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