Dreadnaught (Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier #1)


Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier #1

Jack Campbell

4 Stars


I dreaded this book, I have to admit. I didn’t see how Campbell could continue the series WITH Geary without losing much of what I loved about the original Lost Fleet books.

Thankfully, I was hugely disappointed 🙂 This was just as good as the previous books, and in some ways, better. There was not nearly as much explicit space battle tactics explained in painful detail. Whoohoo!

Geary is still Geary and dealing with a government that doesn’t want him, balancing those who hate him, love him, want to use him and want to kill him. And he has a wife. A strong spirited woman. [I suspect a good strong spanking might work wonders, for both of them ;)]

We get lots of kind of info about the aliens, and new ideas about them and it is made real just how ignorant humanity is about the universe they live in.

Good stuff! Looking forward to the rest of these…


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