Once a Hero

Once a Hero

Michael Stackpole

4 Stars

513 pages


a good reread, but, doesn’t hold up as well simply because the convergence of the past and present is already known to the reader and so much of the suspense of the story depends on the reader NOT knowing that. Still a fantastic fantasy book, just not as interesting on the 4th or 5th reread 🙂

2 thoughts on “Once a Hero

  1. […] mid ’00’s. Stackpole was my fantasy guy.  He wrote books like Talion: Revenant and Once a Hero, books that I love and re-read multiple times. 4 times each since 2000 and once or twice before […]


  2. […] he was back in top form with this series. While very different from Talion or Once a Hero, it was just as enjoyable and in many ways seemed more mature, in talent. This was a joy to read […]


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