Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #5
Christie Golden
3 Stars
Epub, 314 Pages

Luke and Ben make an uneasy alliance with some of the Sith to go after Aboleth, some sort of super powerful force using bogey-woman, Skywalkers to destroy her, Sith to use her. She just keeps switching bodies, so when it seems that Luke has her dead to rights, oops, nope, now she’s somebody else. While this is happening, Daala is losing it about the Jedi defying her control. Jaina and Jag break off their engagement. And all the insane jedi are now sane, since Abeloth isn’t exerting such control over them.

Enjoyable but nothing fantastic. Nothing spectacular about this book, but I didn’t choke on it like I have some other Star Wars books.

However, Abeloth feels like some sort of deus-ex-machina of a villian. Compared to the complexity of the Vong, I feel like shrugging and going “oh, another bad guy, next?”.

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