The Misplaced Legion

The Misplaced Legion
Videssos Cycle #1
Harry Turtledove
4 Stars
Epub, 288 Pages

a roman legion in Gaul ends up on another world through magic. They become mercenaries for the Vidession Empire. Enjoyed this very much. Magic and Roman legion tactics, a cool combo. The problem is that I had a very badly formatted copy. Whoever had scanned this did it as one solid block of text. No paragraph breaks, no indents, nothing. Calibre split it up into 4 xhtml chunks, but my reader had to chug through each whole section whenever turning a page and man, it killed my battery and the flow of the story. Am seriously thinking about working on it with Sigil and making a nice epub copy. Will see.

Fantastic! Not once did things ever drag and I found myself just speeding along this tightly written book. I’ve read some Turtledove’s alternate history and found them full of excruciating detail that bored me out of my skull [I’m not a history buff, so I wasn’t the intended audience] but nothing like that occurred here.

Highly recommended.

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