Ted Dekker
4 stars
349 pages

A killer is on the loose in a smalltown and seems hellbent on having 5 specific people kill each other, based on who is most ugly. It is just weird. Turns out it is all in a “game” that is testing new tech on epileptic people. But the badguy is one of the players turned bad.

This was a thriller through and through. Some very vague references to universal truths, but without Christ, so it seemed like they were just kind of thrown in. I enjoyed this, knowing that things were NOT as they seemed, but having no idea how they were not 🙂 Dekker likes colors in regards to his villians names-Marsuvees Black, Barsidious White, Sterling Red in this one.

Two things I didn’t care for;
1: Tied it to the Circle Trilogy world, probably in reference to his new Lost Books quaddrilogy, just too blatant.
2: It ends with them still in the game, and you never know when or if they’ll get out.

Other than those 2 things, this was a fantastic page turner that just entertained the darkside of me 🙂

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