First Rider’s Call

First Rider’s Call
Green Rider #2
Kristen Britain
4 stars
484 pages

a good successor to Green Rider. Karrigan resists actually joining the Green Riders, but is “haunted” by Lil Ambrioth, the First Rider and eventually joins up. Mornhavon the Black’s consciousness is awakening in the Black Forest. Alton goes to the breach in the wall to attempt to repair it. He ends up being fooled by Mornhavon and almost destroys it. Karrigan foils a plot by the “Second Empire” [original descendants loyal to Mornhavon] and sends Mornhavon into the future to give Acoria time to prepare some kind of magical defense. Much more original than the first novel. Looking forward to the end of this trilogy, in a good way.

Update-Series is currently at Book 4 with no end in sight. I would not recommend this series to anyone until it is finished.

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