Star Wars: Legacy of the Force #7
Aaron Allston
3 stars
356 pages

Incredible, it has been nearly a year since I read Inferno. I slipped right back into the Star Wars universe though. Caedus kidnaps Allana. Reveals to her that he is her father. Centerpoint is made operational and subsequently destroyed by the Jedi. The Jedi are preparing themselves to be a third “galactic” government of sorts. Luke lets go of Mara. Ben lets go of his hatred of Caedus. While destroying Centerpoint, other Jedi rescue Allana and Han and Leia find out that she is Caedus and Tenel Ka’s daughter. Jaina, Zekk and Jag take down Alema Rar. Han and Leia are given new Mando armor. Ends with Jaina heading off to get “extra” training to take down Caedus. You know she is heading to Fett. And since Traviss is writing the next book, it is a given. Only 2 more books to go.

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