Deadhouse Gates (Malazan Book of the Fallen #2)

Deadhouse Gates

Malazan Book of the Fallen #2

Steven Erikson

4 Stars


Oh man, where to start? I’m not really going into the plot, too many different threads, almost Dickensesque. I really enjoy this series. Erikson pays attention to detail, has a very fullbodied storyline and obviously has an overarching storyline.

First thing though, it all gets confusing. Creatures more powerful than gods. So many different kinds, names, etc, etc. It seems to be getting to the point where being a god is pointless because there are so many other things just as, if not more, powerful. Second, nobody is safe. Anybody can die. Of course, nobody is of the Heroic Cast, so you don’t really feel happy or sad about them.

Thirdly, this book seemed filled with the hopelessness of living in such a world. One characters sums it up as “smile, what else is there?” There really is no hope for characters. Even death isn’t always final, nor is it necessarily a release. Nor is god-hood a safety. There are things meant to simply deal with the powerful.

I wouldn’t want to live in this world, not at all! Erikson’s preference for Existentialism shows through, barely restrained.


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