Night Watch

Night Watch
Terry Pratchett
2 stars
338 pages

Vimes goes back in time and must resolve a time conundrum to make “his” future happen. Vimes is getting old. Character age wise. Also interesting wise. Pratchett needs to move on. This whole book screamed “tired” at me. Sure, there were amusing parts, but overall, it seemed that trying to read it was as hard a process as Vimes getting up in the morning. The Discworld “ride” is slowing down and almost at the gate for debarking. I just hope Pratchett knows when to stop.

2 thoughts on “Night Watch

  1. Oooo, but this book has a young ‘Patrician’, while he is still an assassin. I also like how the story parallels the French Revolution.

    Yeah, Pratchett wrote about forty of these. I like most of the first twenty or so, but I am a little leery of the rest…

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