Fall of Angels

Fall of Angels
Saga of Recluce #6
LE Modesitt, Jr
3 stars
592 pages

explains the origins of the Westwinds, from which Recluce was born. Quite interesting. A starship of women from another universe appears. Some appear to be able to use Order. One man, Nylan [the main character], is the Ordermaster of this story. He comes with the women. More whining and complaining about how he hates that force is necessary. Just refuses to accept that some people will only submit to a greater application of force. That is the main flaw with this series, in my opinion. Modesitt harps [and man, if he was a woman, I’d say she bitches] about this over and over and over. Every single novel. I like the storyline, but not that part of it. I’ll keep reading, but no longer have any desire to try to buy these.

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