Splinter of the Mind’s Eye

Splinter of the Mind’s Eye
Star Wars
Alan Foster
2 stars
182 pages

Takes place between ANH and ESB. So Foster didn’t know that Luke and Leia were siblings, in which case he can be excused for the romantic leanings in this book. Still grossed me out though. The Force was certainly not a developed idea like it is now, that was obvious from the battle between Luke and Vader at the end. But considering it was written in ’78, it isn’t a bad book at all. I’m sure there are some continuity things that are a little off, but nothing major stuck out to me.

2 thoughts on “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye

    1. Oh man, don’t bother! This is not a good book, even by Star Wars’ low standard.

      And this was non-canon as soon as Empire hit the theatres. Much like the Adventures of…. trilogies for both Solo and Calrissian. At least the Han Solo books were fun to read 😀


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