The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Victor Hugo
3 stars
586 pages

This was a very tough start. Hugo goes on and on and ON about architecture. He gives a whole chapter over to describing Paris, another chapter describing the Notre Dame Chapel and another one that waxed philosophical about architecture. Once you got passed those though, it was a truly Gothic tragedy. A mother and daughter separated 15 years ago. A Priest dedicated to knowledge. A terribly deformed man. 3 different aspect of love-casual lust, all consuming lust, selfless love. 3 different men, 1 woman. All but one die in the end. Sad, to see a man consumed by his lust, to see a selfless spirit trapped in a fallen body, to see a woman throw her love away on a libertine.

Get rid of all the boring blabberings on architecture and this would be a fantastic read, a 4 star, possibly a 4.5.

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