March ’07

-N. Anzai-manga
-Recca is a teen who wants to be a ninja. Gets his wish, is now the protector of a girl who has healing powers, he has flame powers himself. Reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho, shinobi style. But there was some fan service and semi-nudity. So I’m done with it.

-E. Goudge-fiction
-346-takes place in 1940’s, during the height of the bombing of London. A 40 year old woman is displaced and ends up being the head of the household of a castle out in the country. I found this to be a tough book. People loving, people dying, people sacrificing for eachother. In the end, Miss Brown, who loved the owner of the castle, is rejected by him, but then is asked in turn by another man, and she sacrifices so that he, and some orphan children, can have a Home. Referred to as “Second Best” love. I would rather die alone than have a woman marry me out of some sense of pity, duty or friendship.

-E. Oda-manga
-no library had #7. and I don’t feel like I missed a thing.

-H. Hanff-non fiction
-113-the correspondence between a writer in NY and the workers in a Second Hand Bookstore in Great Britian. Very amusing as they get to know eachother.

-T. Denning-scifi
-392-Denning, while not totally redeeming himself from the Darknest fiasco, has certainly gone a long ways toward it. Jacen is becoming more and more powerful, and sets up Lumiya and Luke & Mara to face off, to see what happens. Ben is becoming a little “yes man” for Jacen, Han and Leia are now hunted by Jacen for supposedly trying to assassinate Tenel Ka and Allana. Jacen is completely over the edge, the galaxy’s “peace” means more to him than the individual, and it is hinted at that there might be a hidden Order of the Sith, in defiance of the One Master, One Student sith rule. Just hinted though…

-E. Goudge-fiction
-383-A story about an old clockmaker, a Dean of a City, and several other people. Misc feel goodism’s about “wuv, sweet wuv” and how everything would just be better if we all wuvved eachother. I don’t know why I keep reading Goudge’s books. They tend to irritate me with their rose tinted outlook.

-K. Fujishima-manga
-173-Hild unleashes the Eater of Angels upon the household. Keiichi hosts an angel temporarily.

-T. Ohba-manga
-188-Light has Misa pass her notebook onto another Kira worshipper. Light also begins to start a relationship with another woman to better control the “new kira” and in anticipation of getting rid of Misa. Shows just how cold hearted Light truly is.

-C. Dickens-classic
-759-the adventures of 4 englishmen as they go about the countryside “observing” different aspects. Originally a serial, so it is broken down into shorter chapters, with no over arching plot. Very funny! A good introduction to Dickens.

W JULIET #13-14
-Mako and Ito graduate, are accepted into a troop and end up marring eachother a year after graduation. Alls well that ends well.

-T. Zahn-scifi
-324-taking place between New Hope & Empire Strikes Back, this follows 3 different storylines and tries to tie them all together. Follows a young Mara Jade, as the Emperor’s Hand, as she tracks down a traitor in the Imperial higherups. Follows Leia, Han and Luke as they carry out a mission for the Rebellion. Follows a group of 5 stormtroopers[recruits, not clones] who go AWOL after witnessing civilian slaughter per Orders of the Empire. Enjoyed this more than the Hand of Thrawn duology, but if he’d gotten rid of 1 storyline and focused more on the other 2, it would have been a better, tighter, story.

-H. Kurata-manga
-ok, so I lied. I thought it was a longer series, but its only 4 books. So I saw these 2 and figured I’d finish what I’d started. No fanservice like previously, but man, how dumb. I couldn’t connect with the main character on any level and all I wanted to do was slap her.

-N. Takaya-manga
-A girl ends up living in a household where the people are the chinese zodiac. if they are hugged by someone of the opposite sex, they turn into the animal they represent. The lead female is a very “optimistic” and “cheerful” type. I enjoyed these two enough to keep on reading it for awhile anyway.

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