The Prydain Chronicles

The Prydain Chronicles
Lloyd Alexander
childrens fantasy
86 / 4 stars

Consisting of:
The Book of Three
The Black Cauldron
The Castle of Lyr
Taran Wanderer
High King

these novels are a good first step into the fantastic. Starts with an assistant Pigkeeper and ends with him as High King of Prydain. Much about character and friendship, but interwoven thru the stories so as not to be pablum or sacchirin. Well done.

6 thoughts on “The Prydain Chronicles

      1. Yeah, I think I did, but I remember the books too. I remember being in the library, staring at the covers in fascination, and that they are based on Wales and include a map. And I remember a “sea princess” character who’s always making silly comparisons, but not sure if that is this series or another.

        I just like the dark-ages Welsh milieu.

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        1. There is a princess and one of the books is pretty much about her, Castle of Llyr I think? but I don’t remember anything about her.

          Hmm, maybe “I” need to add these onto my tbr pile again 😀

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