8 thoughts on “War and Peace

  1. […] War and Peace. That baby only took me 6 months to get through. If that isn’t fast, I don’t know what is! […]


  2. Manuel Antao says:

    Ah. It’s more a case of slogged through…

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Well, I was reading it deliberately slowly and was really enjoying it. Then he got up on his soapbox right at the end and just tore down all the enjoyment I had built up to that point.

      When I read it again sometime I’ll probably skip the end. Or do a separate rating or something, you know?

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  3. Manuel Antao says:

    Ah. It’s more a case of you having slogged through…


  4. Matt Cowper says:

    Ah, Russian novels. I generally avoid. And the names! I need a notebook to keep track of everyone.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Thankfully I have found I like the Russian mindset and not just for the Classics. I guess I’m a gloomy gus like them 😀
      Oh wait, hang on…

      You are so right about the names! The edition I read had a name index in the front with names, connections, surnames, pet names and then “random” names as far as I could tell. I couldn’t have read it without it.


  5. […] War and Peace or any book by most of the Russians actually.  Dropping names like Gogol, Dostoyevsky and then adding something like “Yes, they were fine authors” is usually enough to overawe some rube online for the first time since coming off the turnip farm. Just make sure you actually know what you’re talking about in case you run into another fan.  There is no worse faux pas than talking about Gogol then getting caught out that you’ve never actually read Gogol. […]


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